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2021 Motorino Cargo Ebike $1,950

New. Never ridden. 2021 Motorino Cargo ebike, 48v Lithiom Ion battery.
Accessories available. Price includes front and rear cargo tray.
Base price without cargo trays is $1950
Pedal and throttle assist.

Motorino CBe Cargo Bike.

No matter if you go shopping, taking your kids to school, going for a sightseen trip or just commuting to work, you can use the Motorino CBe, a cargo bike that can replace your car in the city and save you a tones of money. It can be also used commercially for delivery with the huge back rack. This bike comes with powerful enough motor to carry total weight of 300Lb easily on steep hills. Thanks to better leverage, the 500W hub motor in the 20” rear wheel provides uphill torque equivalent to 1000W motor of 26” wheel. The bamboo platform and the extra-large rack on the back makes this bike as a car replacement and very suitable to be used as commercial delivery bike.

The bike is equipped with controller that can support nine levels of assistance and digital display that can be connected to Bluetooth phone which you can use it as a dashboard through it you can change the bike settings.

This bike is equipped with equalizing controller that would handle parallel charge and discharge of dual battery pack. The second battery has its rack under the cargo rack and can be added at any time. The dual battery pack can extend the range of the cargo bike to up to 180km distance.

The standard bike comes with nice bamboo platforms on the rear rack and the side of the bike that with no additional accessories can be used to carry up to 150 Lb. The huge rear rack can handle up to 100Lb load and you can carry big boxes on its 29”X13” platform. If you would like the bike for grocery shopping, you can mount big saddle bags where you can fit your Costco shopping load. There is a mount for a front rack as well that can hold additional 20Lb of load.

2021 motorino cargo ebike.jpg
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